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Doctors who adopted Ecosunte Liquid

Dr. Takashi Tsurumi

Dr. Takafumi Tsurumi, Director, Tsurumi Clinic

Spends time on each patient to thoroughly treat the essentials (nutrition/supplement control, hormesis, and other methods)

1948Born in Ishikawa Prefecture
1979Graduate of Kanazawa University, worked in Hamamatsu University hospital and others
1984Left Western medicine to study Oriental medicine, mainly in Chinese medicine, acupuncture and qigong. Studied acupuncture under Dr. Tadao Kono in Shimane to learn ultimate acupuncture.
1986Studied nutrition (Japanese nutrition, American Orthomolecular nutrition, others)
1995Studied enzyme nutrition on his own. Since 2000, studying under enzyme nutrition doctors (Hura, Mamadou, Roy) in Houston Texas
2001Clinic opened in Yaesu Chuo-ku Tokyo (Presently in Hachobori).

Spends time on each patient to thoroughly treat the essentials (nutrition/supplement control, hormesis, and other methods) Nutrition guide is based on enzyme nutrition, effective on incurable disease

Dr. Mareo Naito

Dr. Mareo Naito, Director Blue Clinic Aoyama

Practices "Integrated Medicine" of Wester/Oriental, alternative/traditional mecidine with no border, for the whole body to gain healing power through definitive therapy resolving the origination of disease

1961Born in Tokyo 1985Graduated from Keio University School of Medicine, started in internal medicine dept., internal medicine/cardiology at Ashikaga Red Cross Hospital, then onto Internal medicine class Assistant at Keio University School of Medicine 1996Senior Research Officer at Melbourne University School of Medicine, Victoria Australia, then onto Chief GM internal medicine, head of nephrology at Sanokousei General Hospital in Tochigi 2000Started to study Eastern medicine provoked by his daughter’s allergy. Established Chinese medicine outpatient. Certified specialist of Society for Oriental Medicine. Acquired Aroma therapy with his wife 2009Studies Ayurveda (Indian) medicine course, acquired meditation method 2010Studied and acquired the latest enzyme nutrition under Dr. Takashi Tsurumi, director of Tsurumi Clinic. Blue Clinic Aoyama established. Part-time lecturer at Saitama Medical University General clinical medicine

Testimonial awarded by SME Support, Japan



For: Suppression effect and its mechanism of colorectal cancer cell proliferation by fermented soybean product
To: Yukio Arai, Representative Director Ecosunte Bussan Co., Ltd.
Your unique study conducted in university-industry collaboration and success in its commercialization has given the fine model in gaining international competitiveness and development of the regional economy. We highly value your achievement and hereby award "One of the 128 Successful Examples of Small & Medium Business University Collaborations".
We respect to your effort to date, we send our sincere appreciation in participation to the program.
26 June 2008
Takao Suzuki, Director General
Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, JAPAN

April 2011~: On permanent display at Koto Ward Industry Hall with approval of Koto ward

Testimonial Testimonial

May 2011: Selected in "The Final 20 Best University-Industry Collaboration Business Model Samples of 2010"

(Reference) * The product has unique fermentation odor

Fermented food has unique quality in taste and smell. Natto and cheese are in the same category. This quality is due to microorganisms giving rise to the fermentation producing unique odor components. Ferment odor component of ES fermented soybean product (Ecosunte Liquid) is caproic acid (hexanoic acid). The primary reason for generation of this component had been thought to be the use of anaerobic bacteria (Lactobacillus). We have indeed discovered that the ferment odor is one of the substances related to the G2 arrest and apoptosis induction effect through research in conjunction with Tsukuba University. The special smell was raised from the unique fermentation of lactic acid bacteria; the smell is one of the substances related to the rare effect on a food and has a very important role.